7 Tips for Choosing the Best Family Lawyer

Looking for a family lawyer can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time seeking the help of one, whether it’s for divorce, adoption, or any family matter. The process is challenging, and there’s so much to consider. However, getting the right one can significantly tip the outcome in your favour.

To help with your search, we’ve listed seven tips for choosing the best family lawyer for different needs.

1. Search as Early as Possible

Looking for the right lawyer is a challenging task in itself. The fate of your outcome depends on how skillful your attorney handles the case. So, take the time to find the best one for you. Hiring someone on a whim is a 50/50 gamble that could cost you more money from rehiring or losing the case.

Start looking the moment you feel like you may need one. Even if you want to resolve the problems peacefully with your spouse or child, it’s still best to consult a professional. Consulting with an attorney will help you be more aware of the process and go through it easily.

2. Ask Other People First

According to research, nearly three million people in Canada obtained a legal divorce in 2021, a number that continues to increase year by year. So, with such a high rate, looking for the right family lawyer may not be as difficult.

Start by collecting referrals from various people. Ask your friends and family members until you find someone with the best attorney for their case.

Online reviews are also helpful in narrowing down your list. Don’t rely too much on reviews posted on a lawyer’s website because they might be filtered out. Start with different social media channels or various review platforms for an unbiased and straightforward client opinion.

3. Always Go With a Specialist

Lawyers don’t practice the same area of expertise. Although some practice multiple types of laws, it’s still best to go with someone primarily centred on family law.

A family lawyer knows all the complex ins and outs of the field based on previous experiences. Plus, they’re always aware or informed about any changes in the law. Meanwhile, an attorney that practices many areas may miss out on those changes and wouldn’t be able to help you out properly.

Finally, various law firms in the country, like Nussbaum Law in Mississauga, focus solely on family law. So, if you’re looking for expert attorneys anywhere in Ontario, you’re in good hands with these firms.

4. Cheap Ones Aren’t Always the Best

Divorce can be expensive, so cutting costs on a lawyer can be tempting. However, the reason why certain lawyers charge less varies. Some do so out of low demand due to incompetence; others because they’re new in the field and looking to gain more experience. Don’t jump the gun on hiring low-cost lawyers. Check their current portfolio of cases first before deciding to choose them.

5. What To Look for in First Meetings

The whole process of divorce takes months to finish. That means you’ll continuously divulge sensitive, possibly even embarrassing, information about you and your spouse to your attorney during the case.

Meeting your desired lawyer for the first time is crucial. You need to feel out if you’re comfortable working with them for a long time. An excellent attorney makes the law accessible to you. That means explaining your rights in a way you understand as a citizen. If you find that this person is rather taxing, who doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t answer your questions thoroughly, as if they’re gatekeeping you from the process, stop wasting your time and look for a better lawyer.

6. Client-First Attitude

Get a lawyer who always answers your messages or returns your calls whenever there’s an urgent matter you must deal with during the process. You’re going through a lot of stress and are always anxious about the outcome of your case. It’s only natural to have so many inquiries. Lawyers should respect that.

In addition, lawyers know that you don’t know much about family law, especially if it’s your first time. So they must address all concerns with clarity and, most importantly, patience. You should be involved in the case as much as possible so you’re not blindsided by any twists and turns you may encounter.

7. Lawyer Availability

Unfortunately, your desired lawyer may be overwhelmed by too many workloads, especially in family law, where different types of cases exist. It’s best to look for another if you find that your preferred attorney is overloaded with clients, so you get the attention and help you deserve. Maybe they can refer another excellent lawyer to help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Choose the Perfect Lawyer

Family law is often taxing, especially for people who have no clue about the area and have to deal with problems at home. These helpful tips will help you save time and money and, most importantly, prevent you from going to the wrong lawyer and losing the case.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Family Lawyer