June 20, 2021

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Delivering authorized information in many languages

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By Lee Kang-seop

The range of foreigners residing in Korea, this kind of as relationship immigrants, overseas workers and students, stands at about 2.5 million and they account for 5 percent of Korea’s complete populace. Even nevertheless the governing administration and civic groups have provided various supports to individuals foreigners who are unfamiliar with the Korean language and way of accomplishing issues, it is not easy for them to adapt to the unique culture, rules and methods.

Furthermore, it is genuine that they have issues in accessing the required data when they have to deal with various lawful challenges.

When COVID-19 instances spiked, I listened to that overseas employees were unwilling to stop by health care institutions for a virus examination thanks to fears of costs and a feasible refusal to lengthen their stay in Korea, even while they had achievable indications.

Having said that, the govt determined to address testing bills and increase registered foreigners’ continue to be by 3 months by amending relevant statutes, this kind of as the Infectious Illness Manage and Avoidance Act. Unfortunately, a lot of foreign employees retained living in fear of deportation for the reason that they had difficulty in accessing and comprehension the pertinent authorized info.

In addition, according to newspaper experiences, some foreign personnel go back again to their nations around the world without having getting wages compensated in arrears or retirement added benefits since they did not have understanding of Korea’s Labor Law. Even though much more and a lot more details is created, consumed, and shared in the electronic data period, some of the men and women this information pertains to are not getting their thanks as a end result of the language barrier.

The Ministry of Authorities Laws is delivering legal data to foreigners remaining in Korea via a variety of approaches to beat alienation and discrimination.

The Countrywide Regulation Data Centre (http://law.go.kr) is providing all lawful facts, such as Korean guidelines, municipal ordinances, policies, judicial precedents, and statutory interpretation. Also, about 13,000 Korean statutes translated into English are offered on the web-site of the center. It also involves past legal guidelines as nicely as existing laws to aid people systematically realize our statutes.

On the web-site of our simple legal information and facts services (http://easylaw.go.kr), legal info is categorized by concerns that non-Koreans frequently facial area this sort of as visa, work, dismissal, and domestic relations rules, and the information and facts is translated into 12 languages: Nepali, Arabic, Uzbek, Mongolian, Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Bengali, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

The company also delivers explanation to assistance folks very easily understand the presented information. The assistance will help foreigners solve difficulties in in search of out applicable statutes required to handle legal disputes by furnishing numerous documents that foreigners will need to post to administrative organizations. The information received from the service can also be useful in the each day lives of immigrants.

Since April, we have provided a “custom made authorized information services” to foreigners dwelling in Korea to satisfy their demands. When they make a ask for for legal info, we translate it into English and Chinese and supply it within just 7 times from the day of request.

A multicultural culture will inevitably grow in Korea as fascination in the nation has been witnessed in many sectors.

The Ministry of Authorities Laws endeavors to build our authorized info services so that no foreigners dwelling in Korea or possessing interest in Korea’s lifestyle, tourism, financial commitment, schooling and healthcare companies will face any shortcomings and their legal rights will be guarded even even though they don’t have awareness of the Korean language.

Lee Kang-seop is the minister of govt laws.

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